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At present Soft Stirrup bag series Gucci, a Gucci will be great stirrup shaped handbag supple feel bare series. Design to the Spurs shape as the theme, the Gucci key to bring out the equestrian tradition, and embraced and creative director Frida Giannini romantic and swallow anything and everything in 2012 autumn series, as a new generation of classic.

Series of inspiration comes from the strong frame style in 1975 (Gucci 1973), with high practicality and irregular shape for glory. Light and spacious single shoulder bag with code and code available, suitable for all carry. The line of fashion design, so that the attitude of leisure life becomes delicate touching.

The iconic shape embellishment on the Spurs handbag opening position, and the position of the handle of the handbag with tiny spurs shape buckle decorated with color tone is made of brass, the handle to the classical silver and light gold.------------Gucci Factory Outlet

The palette of the enthusiasm and meticulous color, including: black, light gray, medium brown, dark red rouge, cocoa and chestnut ice color, accurately create a feeling of warmth.

Soft Stirrup handbag with precious materials and refined, including washing jeans leather and suede, full of natural Gucci double G cloth or leather, and a variety of special animal skin, such as Python skin, ostrich and crocodile, and suede as inner layer.

The traditional manual techniques developed a variety of precious skin, coupled with exquisite craftsmanship on Gucci master craftsman, plush texture becomes more perfect. With special oil, crocodile skin become very soft; and python aging skin after multiple hot pressing process and artificial polished, showing a bright appearance.

The new Soft Stirrup handbags are marked Gucci perfect and eternal manual techniques, with fashion design and sophisticated enduring accessories simple. In addition, the single shoulder bag also reflects the Gucci will double concept of tradition and innovation, fusion.

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